Soccer Jerseys, Clothes Or Collectibles?

Soccer jerseys may well surpass all other team sport uniform items in wear ability and collect ability. A serious fan may have no greater earthly possession than their favorite team’s jersey, and if they were able to get an autographed one, all the better. An article of clothing, made for durability and comfort on the soccer field can quickly become an artistic focal point in the fan’s home. Many fans display their beloved jerseys in cases especially designed for the purpose.

There are currently over 5000 soccer jerseys available for bidding on at EBay, which is known as the world’s auction house. A current jersey from the Brazilian National team, signed by all the players, is listed at 300.00, plus shipping. It seems doubtful that once purchased this jersey will be wore by its proud owner, rather it will probably be more of decorative item, and perhaps kept as an investment.

Looking further, I discovered an incredible piece of football history. A jersey worn during the Brazil-Austria match on July 11, 1971. A Brazilian home jersey from a match just months after Brazil had won the World Cup. But wait, there’s more! Pele, instrumental in Brazil winning the World Cup, was the wearer of this shirt! He scored the only goal in the match that day against Austria, and signed the shirt, which has never been laundered. It was to be Pele’s last game with Brazil, also. The next lucky owner of this remarkably collectible jersey will also have a letter of authenticity signed by Pele. The going price is $27,445.00!

The historic Pele jersey may be out of many a fan’s financial reach, however authentic replica shirts are available for modest costs, and it won’t be sacrilege to wear them. Today’s stars also represent a way to get into collecting signed jerseys, at prices within the reach of many more fans than the vintage jerseys are bringing. David Beckman and Mia Hamm are examples of current and recent stars who’s signed jerseys are worth considering investing in before they increase too much more in value.

Whether you are a player, or fanatical armchair coach, wearing and collecting jerseys is a great way to connect with your favorite players and team, and if they happen to go up in value, all the better. Owning a piece of sports history has its own value, that a non-fan may never be able to appreciate.

From a parent’s stand point, their child’s soccer jerseys are a wonderful way to mark the years, and chart the growth of their own little Pele. Hanging each seasons jersey around your child’s room will be an inspiration to them, as it shows how you value their efforts. Your young player may not have been the star striker, or the glorified ‘do or die’ goalie, but they did their best, 메이저리그중계 and enjoyed the battle field. Some day when you’re your soccer player has gone off to college, these jerseys may prove as valuable to you as a signed jersey from a star player.

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